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125 TaG Super Series

2017 Super Series Information

The classes planned for the series are:

  • TaG Restricted Light & Medium
  • TaG 125 Restricted Masters Light
  • TaG 125 Light & Heavy

The 2017 Calendar is:

  • 20 May - Lithgow
  • 25 June - Picton
  • 23 July - Newcastle
  • 12 August - Eastern Creek
  • 9 September - Lithgow

2016 Super Series

The 2016 edition of the TaG Super Series concluded at Eastern Creek recently. Click HERE to download a PDF of the full point score.

Above: TaG Light

Above: TaG Heavy

Above: TaG Restricted Light

Above: TaG Restricted Heavy

Above: TaG Restricted Super Heavy

Above: TaG Restricted Light Masters

Above: TaG Restricted Heavy Masters

Above: TaG Super Series, Champion of Champions Paul Monaghan


Super Series Round 3

Round 3 of the 2016 series was run at Picton by the Wollongong club on July 31st. Some photos from the round are below. Series points as they stand after the round can be downloaded HERE.

Fourth and final round is at Eastern Creek on October 22.

tag ss


Big Fields at Round 2

Solid fields of 125cc TaG racers fronted at Newcastle on May 21 for the second round of the 2016 TaG Super Series.

  • Round and series points after Newcastle are HERE (Excel spreadsheet)

Rules & Points Matrix for 2016

TaG Super Series rules for 2016 are below (NOTE: round 2 will be held on Saturday the 21st of May, not Sunday the 22nd as indicated below). An Excel spreadsheet version of the pointscore matrix can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

tag super series 2016

tag super series 2016

tag super series 2016


2016 Series Dates Announced

The 2016 TaG Super Series will run over four rounds, commencing at Lithgow in February and concluding at Eastern Creek in October. See the Race Calendar page for the full schedule!

2015 Champions Crowned

The champions have been crowned in the 2015 TaG Super Series that concluded with the fifth and final round at Lithgow on November 22.

  • The final series points for all classes can be downloaded in PDF format HERE.

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: TaG 125 Light - Drew Ridge 303, Hudson Heath 292, Chris Bregonje 257
pic - quickpixels.com.au

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: TaG 125 Light Restricted - Benjamin Ford 297, Joshua Behn 296, Darina Scott 270
pic - quickpixels.com.au

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: TaG Restricted Super Heavy - Shane Tate 160, John Lambden 160, Jonathan Wall 114
pic - quickpixels.com.au

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: TaG Restricted Heavy - Mick Dorman 288, Thomas Petrovich 283, Daniel Fraser 280
pic - quickpixels.com.au

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: Rookie of the year TAG R - Daniel Fraser
pic - quickpixels.com.au

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: Champion of Champion and TAG 125 Rookie of the year - Drew Ridge
pic - quickpixels.com.au

TaG super series presentation 2015
Above: TaG Heavy - Benjamin Ritchie 296, Michael Osmond 215, Owen Guthrie 210
pic - quickpixels.com.au


Series Points after Round 4

Progressive series points for all classes have been updated to incorporate the recently run Round 4. Click HERE for the PDF!

tag super series points after round 4

Round 4 Race Report (Eastern Creek, 19 September 2015)

Round 4 of the TaG Super Series was another fantastic event. This was the only chance in the year to run the Eastern Creek circuit in reverse and the result did not disappoint. North Shore Kart Club put on a fantastic event.

The day kicked off with a drizzle & damp track.

TaG Restricted Light

Slippery conditions greeted the restricted light drivers during qualifying however Grant Wastle embraced the conditions setting himself on pole ahead of Darian Scott and Joshua Behn. Melissa Whitmore was fourth and Ethan Guest fifth. By the time heat one cam around the track was dry. A first corner incident saw several drivers on the side lines including top three contenders Melissa Whitmore and Ethan Guest. The incident meant Whitmore was out for the day. After the start Darian Scott took the win with Robert Boaden charging to second. In heat 2 the big mover was Paul Renshaw charging from 6th to 1st at the start. He was never headed from there. Wastle was second ahead of Scott and Adams. Sandona also on a charge moved himself up from 10th. Sandona continued his charge win­ning both the prefinal & Final. Scott finished third ahead of Wastle. Ben­jamin Ford improved from a slow start to take fourth ahead of Pedersen.

TaG Restricted Heavy

Restricted Heavy faced a totally wet track for qualifying. Initially Thomas Petrovich jumped to the top of the board and held it for some time however as the session went on the times improved and Michael Dorman jumped to the top. More rain hit the circuit mid qually stalling any chance of topping Dorman. Petrovich was second ahead of Kendrick, Latin & Fraser.

The start of Heat 1 was far from perfect with a dozen drivers left on the sideline. Petrovich survived to take the lead while Dorman slide back to ninth. Crawshay was the big mover surviving the first lap incidents and moving up to second. With two laps to go Crawshay moved for the lead and took the win. Petrovich lead home Kendrick, Phelan and Fraser. Heat two had a much cleaner start with Dorman leading from start to finish. Kendrick and Petrovich battled hard all race with Peter Price hot on their tails. Kendrick took second followed by Price Petrovich and Seraglio.

After a lacking Heat 2 Crawshay was back for the pre-final making his way through the field to take a tight win ahead of Kendrick. Petrovich, Fraser and Price had an interesting battle with Petrovich taking third ahead of Fraser and Price respectfully. The Final between Kendrick and Crawshay was on like donkey kong. Kendrick took the lead but by the second lap Crawshay had hit back. Crawshay continued to lead with Kendrick hot on his tail. With three laps to go Kendrick made his move and successfully took the lead. Crawshay struck back to take the lead while Kendrick was relegated back to sixth.

Petrovich and Fraser completed the podiums while Price was fourth. Dorman recovered from a Prefinal DNF and charged from last to fifth.

TaG Restricted Super Heavy

The super heavy boys hit the track hard in qualifying. The slippery conditions are perfect for these big boys pushing their times well up the order. Rob Zamprogno took the pole with a time that would have sat him eighth outright in the heavy class. In heat 1 Zamprogno got the jump at the start over Lambden while Tate fell way back down the order. Tate made his way past Dalton Kirby who retired soon after. By mid race Lambden had made a move for the lead and took the win ahead of Zamprogno. Tate recoved for third followed by Nosworthy.

In heat two Tate took the lead at the start ahead of Zamprogno. Lambden made an early move on Zamprogno to move to second. Tate took a strong win leading home Lambden, Zamprogno, Dalton Kirby and Nosworthy. The prefinal was almost a carbon copy of heat two however the final was different. Shane Tate took the lead at the start closely followed by Lambden and Zamprogno. On lap five Lambden took the best of an opportunity that presented itself and took the lead. From their he was never headed winning the final. Tate was second followed by Zamprogno, Daltin-Kirby and Nosworthy. 

TaG Light

The TaG Light drivers had a epic battle all day at the creek laying down some great times and some great racing. Qualifying had a mix of conditions starting out slippery at the start, drying in the middle and raining at the end. Chris Bregonje made the best of it beating Bryce Davidson for pole by four hundredths. Hudson Heath was only a tenth off for third while Drew Ridge and Joshua Seiffert completed the top five respectfully. In heat 1 Bregonje took the lead at the start. Mitchell Hewitt had a shocking start getting relegated back to fifteenth. Bregonje held out Davidson for the win ahead of Ridge and Heath. Kozlinski had a good battle with Seiffert to take fifth. While the racing in Heat one was close the result was a carbon copy of heat one. The racing started to heat up in the pre-final. Bregonje got the start and held it. Ridge moved to second ahead of Davidson, however it was not long before Davidson struck back moving back to second. Meanwhile Seiffert was doing battle with Hewitt and Heath. Bregonje took the win. Ridge made a stealer last lap move on Davidson to finish second. Hewitt also made a good last lap move on Seiffert to finish fourth while Heath moved to fifth. In the final Bregonje won the start however coming down the hill Davidson pulled another gear and made a move for the lead going into the chicane. The move came off well. Bregonje and Ridge chased hard for the whole sixteen lap final but were unable to do anything about Davidson who took a great win in the final complete with all four wheels, chain in tack, transponder attached and on weight…… Bregonje was a close second ahead of Ridge, Heath & Hewitt.


TaG Heavy

The TaG Heavy drivers had a great roll up for the TaG Super Series. TaG Heavy was greeted with dry conditions for qualifying. Benjamin Ritchie set the pole at 43.365 ahead of creek legend Craig Stauner.
Osmond, Leeuwestyn and La Delle completed the top five. In Heat one Ritchie took the lead ahead of Stauner. After a few laps Stauner was forced to retire leaving Osmond second. Corey Lean was the big mover charging to third. Heat two had an interesting battle between Zac Van Leeuwestyn and La Delle. La Delle falling back in the field. Richie edged out Stauner and Osmond was third. In the prefinal Stauner was pushed back at the start while Osmond moved into second. Van Leewestyn was third. Stauner recovered to fourth and Lean was fifth. The final completed a clean sweep for Richie taking the win. Osmond was second ahead of Stauner, Van Leeuwestyn & Lean.

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