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What is TaG?

TaG (or sometimes TAG) stands for 'Touch-and-Go' - touch the start button and away you go!

It is a concept that has taken karting around the world by storm. Traditionally, karts have been direct-drive (ie, no clutch) and required a push start from the pit crew to get going. With a TaG engine, simply push the starter button and you're off!

TaG Australia promotes TaG racing in Australia. Currently, there are six engines eligible to race in the category (Biland SA-250, PRD Fireball, Parilla Leopard, IAME X30, Rotax MAX and SQ Cheetah) and TaG Australia aims to provide performance parity to ensure karters have the opportuntiy to be competitive regardless of which engine they elect to race.

There are two main derivatives of the TaG Classes. TaG & TaG Restricted. TaG Restricted is the entry class for new people in karting with D/P Grade licences. Existing C grade licence holders may also compete in TaG Restricted. TaG Restricted drivers use the same karts and engines as TaG drivers however they have a restrictor fitted in their exhaust. Once a driver has completed the minimum required races he/she can upgrade their licence to race in TaG.

The class will evolve in its life as the rules are fine tuned to best suit the needs of the competitors. As such, the promoters of TaG reserve the right to alter the technical regulations to ensure driver safety and fairness of competition.


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